Call it WLT: the world’s first multi-chain NFT mobile wallet ✨🚀

WLT sizzle video GMI ✨🚀
  • View all of your NFTs across multiple wallets including cold storage
  • Support for Ethereum, Tezos, and Bitcoin (XCP) NFTs — more coming soon
  • Quickly access collection floor prices, offer prices, links, and more
  • Playback support for all your music & video NFTs
  • AirPlay casting support for music & video NFTs on iOS
  • Bookmark collections and favorite NFTs for easy viewing and access
  • Get all of your ERC-20 token balances and prices with a few quick taps
  • Share public links to your NFTs on social media
  • More features arriving soon! (search, filter, hide, and more!)
  • Multi-chain hot wallet functionality coming later 2022
‘The Art is Not Here’ exhibition — New Collectors Gallery, Manhattan



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Satoshi’s Closet

Satoshi’s Closet


Satoshi’s Closet is the world’s first streetwear brand built on blockchain.